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100 tons Universal testing machine

100 tons universal testing machine
The 100 tons universal testing machine allows you to test the stretch length, breaking force of hoist slings, steel cables (according to EN 12385), fibre cables, chains etc.

The 100 tons universal testing machine uses the universal Instron Blue Hill control. All desired measuring methods can be used, both static and dynamic testing options are available.

The tooling is made up of a trolley and an interchangeable clamp device.

On the drive end, the trolley is mounted on the hydraulic cilinder using a load cell, so that the pull force can be accurately measured. On the tow end, the trolley is equipped with a security pin, securing the position of the trolley every 150 mm. Securing is checked using sensors, so that the test can only be started if everything is secure.

Interchangeable clamp device
The clamping device can be changed easily. For the testing of flat straps, the clamping device is equipped with a unique clamping machanism. This allows pull tests of up to 50 tons to be carried out without slip.

The 100 tons universal testing machine is equipped with safety shields in accordance with CE. Each door is equipped with its own safety switch (including locking). The entrance door cannot be opened during a test. Security can be breached by means of a key switch, making it possible to open the doors in order to prepare a test. Doors are equipped with a counterweight, for easy usage.


Maximum pulling force 1.000 kN
Pulling measurement Loadcell 2 ±0,01 mV/V
Maximum length test sample 7 mtr
Propulsion Hydraulic cylinder
Maximum stroke length cylinder 1 m
Test speed cilinder 250 mm/min
Position measurement Draw wire encoder
resolution 0,1 mm
Total length testing machine 11 mtr
Total width testing machine 1,3 mtr
Total weight 8.000 kg
Noise 80 dB(a)
Power hydr. aggregate 5,5 kW
Power supply 410 ~ 3ph / 50 hz


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