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ENDUTEQ has been a successful developer and producer of Test- and Measurement systems for various sectors and industries. We aim to help you to reach a higher product quality while saving costs and materials. According to your wishes, we will provide a destructive test (product life cycle), or a non-destructive test (vision).

ENDUTEC is part of our organisation TEVEL. TEVEL unburdens her clients by delivering them the right components, the rightly composed modules, or a complete turn-key solution. More information can be found on our web site www.tevel.nl

Innovative solutions first
We are renowned for our innovative solutions on the field of product measurement systems. We understand the urgence of quality and longevity of your product. Our extensive experience in engineering and our partner network in different branches ensure that we can deliver a fitting solution for every need. This way we can guarantee you a fitting automatic test- or measurement system.

At home in every industry
Our portfolio is characterised by projects within the construction-, automotive, and chemical industries. We search and find solutions for every test- mand measurement question. Offering security and making sure nothing is left to eventualities, that’s what we stand for ! Finding the correct measurement solution is our utmost priority, and this can be achieved in every industry

Together we create the perfect strategy
Progressive solutions that save time and money require solid strategies. Regardless if you are aiming to save time, or have another advantage in mind, the need of co-operation is high on our priority list. By teaming up with you we’ll come up with the best strategy to tackle your test- and measurement issues. This useful synergy ensures a guaranteed solution, tailor-made to your wishes.

For now and the future
We would also like to highlight our vision for the future, by further expanding our activities. With our own work shop and a solid team of researchers, engineers, system architects, and project managers we are capable of processing all necessary work in-house, and thus guarantee quality

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