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Durability tester hanging and closing – EN1935

A widely applicable durability testing station, which measures the durability of door hinges, in accordance with the EN 1935 standard.
A widely applicable Endurance Test Station, to measure the quality of door hinges is made. The station in the picture above is prepared to carry out multiple tests.

A test door, on which the hinge to be tested is mounted, is automatically opened and closed under a specific load. The Endurance Test performs measurements independently during the endurance test and automatically stores the data. The course of the ‘sagging’ of the hinge is graphically displayed. The station is modular and can easily be extended to multiple tests.

Durability testing station
The durability test consists of:

  • Base frame, equipped with 4 access doors (front and rear)
  • Test door (blue), equipped with mounting point for testing weights.
  • Test door suspension system; for the purpose of hanging test door during the changing and/or adjustment of hinges.
  • Propulsion system (servo), for automatic opening and closing of the test door.
  • Measurement sensors, which measure the positions of the hinges during the endurance test on pre-set intervals.
  • Control cabinet includes servo drive, PC and touch panel.

Controls / Touchpanel
Control options

  • Option to install the total number of movements that the door must perform in one test
  • Option to install a cycle: Set number of movements after which the door stops for a stopover to perform a lubrication or a measurement. Both can be set independently
  • Option to adjust speed door movement (dependent of weight)
  • Option to determine the minimal angle and maximum angle of the test door
  • Option to insert article number and batch number.
  • Control screen lock / unlock

On-screen display

  • Total counter (number of movements performed)
  • Cycle counter (number of movements performed up to stopover)
  • X – measurement (‘sagging’ hinge horizontally)
  • Y – measurement (‘sagging’ hinge vertically)
  • Number of cycles per hour


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