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Stress Relaxation test system – ISO3384

The Stress relaxation test system performs tests on rubber materials according to NEN ISO 3384-1 and 2 or ISO 6914 standard. A widely applicable Endurance Test system for the continuous measurement of relaxation (also called creep) of viscoelastic materials, under a pre-applied pressure or tensile force.

Why test stress relaxation of rubber?

Rubber is a viscoelastic material that wants to flow a certain part of the material (the viscous part) due to deformation, both in elongation and compression. This is called stress relaxation.

Stress relaxation (also called creep) is a decrease in the tension in the material, over time; at a constant load. The tension decreases over time, due to aging of the material. This is expressed as a percentage of the prestressing force (compressive force at the start of the test). By continuously measuring and recording the force required to press or stretch a rubber material, the degree of stress relaxation is determined.

The process responsible for stress relaxation is of a chemical or physical nature, under normal circumstances both species will occur at the same time.
At low or normal temperatures and/or over a short period of time, stress relaxation is dominated by physical causes; over long periods of time and/or high temperatures, chemical processes are dominant.

Stress Relaxation Test system

Stress relaxation test system consists of:

  • Stress relaxation testrigs
  • Control cabinet including PC and screen
  • Hardware suitable for 4-fold relaxation test; easy to expand to a 20-fold Test system
  • Software; suitable up to 40-fold relaxation testing
Range Compression 1.000 N or 2.000 N.
Tensile 100 N
Accuracy ± 0,1 % of the complete range
Resolution Compression 0,1 N or 0,2 N
Tensile 0,01 N

Testrigs are available in different versions: Compression, tensile, testing in liquid and testing at elevated temperature.

Heating chamber (quadruple), temperature can be set individually at each position, and can be tested individually.

Software for Stress relaxation tests
Software evaluates the results of stress relaxation test according to ISO 3384 and ISO 6914. The software is user-friendly.

Software Functions

  • Display evaluation points at different times.
  • Final condition can be set as F/F0 or time.
  • Automatic increase of time interval.
  • Switch between displaying absolute force in N or F/F0. – Switch between absolute time or relative time.
  • Simple “zeros” of the force.
  • All information on a screen view.
  • Display as linear or logarithmic time.


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