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Cylinder Lock Tester – EN1303

The Cylinder Lock Tester performs endurance tests on cylinder locks according to the EN1303 standard.

With the help of the Cylinder Lock tester, the product quality of cylinder locks is made measurable.
The Cylinder Tester can perform endurance tests on a cylinder from both sides. This allows both the inside and the outside of the cylinder to be tested at the same time.

The endurance test is a measure of the life of cylinder and key.
The system is designed in such a way that it can easily be converted to performing two independent, single tests.
During each cycle, the current (Amp) absorbed by the motors is measured and stored; this is a measure of the force required to move the key in the lock. This makes it clear whether a cylinder lock, for example, will run ‘heavier’ in time.

Flexible Test-system
The movement pattern can be set flexibly, by entering various index movements, waiting times and rotations. The set movement pattern plus the set parameters can be stored as a recipe in the memory of the controller. There is room for up to 99 recipes.

Cylinder lock tester
De Cylinder lcok tester consists of:

  • Basic frame, equipped with an entrance door.
  • 2x Rotation system (servo), which allows key to rotate in lock.
  • 2x Slide (servo), with which key moves in and out of lock.
  • 2x Cylinder lock holder, in which the lock to be tested is placed.
  • Control cabinet including servo drives, PC and touch panel.

Basic weight on cylinder lock 1530 gr
Rotation key, max torque 2 Nm
Carriage, max torque 4.8 Nm
Carriage, max speed 50 mm/sec
Number of cycles Max. 100,000 strokes
Power supply 410Vac (3 phases)

Control / Touchpanel
Control posibilities

  • Set total number of movements that the key in one test
    must execute.
  • Set cycle; set movement pattern.
  • Enter item no. and batch no.
  • Control screen crushing / unlocking.

Display on screen

  • Cycle counter (number of movements performed)
  • 2x Single acting test / double test.
  • Unit 1 Linear / Unit 2 Linear (position key in lock)
  • Unit 1 Rotation / Unit 2 Rotation (position key in lock)


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