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Creeptest system – ISO9967 / ISO9969

The 3-fold Creep test system performs endurance tests on plastic tubes.

The 3-fold Creep test system makes the quality of the material of plastic tubes measurable. In order to realise reliable test results, testing is done 3-fold with comparable materials.

Our 3-fold Creep test system fully automatically measures creepage (ISO9967) and ring stiffness (ISO9969), and according to norm. Thermo hardened plastic tubes are measured according to ISO7684 or ISO7685 norms.

During the test, a constant pressure is applied on the tube, so that it is deformed within a range of 1,5%. The applied force and deformity is monitored over a period of 42 days. After the test the linear regression will be calculated by extrapolating the measurements, on base of which future deformities will be assumed and determined.

The creep test system consists of:

  • 3 test frames equipped with a spindle drive
    • Set of pressure plates
    • Load cell
    • Encoder, attached directly to the spindle axle for accurate measuring
  • Centered controls, including data acquisition, which allows you to pre-determine test methods, logs all test data, and automatically creates test reports according to norm.
  • Maximum pressure force: 20kN
  • Maximum tube diametre: 1700mm

ENDUTEQ develops and builds tailor-made creep test systems. Aforementioned creep test system can also be used for durability tests for plastic and rubber products.


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