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Tooling for Material testing

Tooling for Material testing
To gain insight into the quality of your product or materials, (non)destructive practice tests are necessary. Often standard available Tooling is not sufficient for your intended tests. We are happy to develop tailor-made solutions for your test or measurement problem.

The expertise of our specialists is at your disposal to develop a suitable tool. Among other things, we use our FEM analysis skills to develop the right Tooling design and select the right Tooling materials. This enables you to perform repetitively reliable tests.

Tooling according NEN, EN or ISO standards

ENDUTEQ has many years of experience in converting NEN/EN/ISO standard descriptions into reliably working Tooling. Allows you to perform reproducible tests.

If you indicate according to which standard you want to test (and on which tensile bench you want to carry out the tests), we will develop a tailor-made Tooling solution.


Innovative Tooling for every industry
Whether you are active in the automotive, construction, chemical, metal or plastics sector, our solutions offer solutions for all industries. Even if you want to carry out tests for which no standards are (yet) available, we can provide a suitable Tooling solution.


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