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Tailor made enclosures

ENDUTEQ delivers tailor made enclosures to enable customers to test safely. The enclosures are built from aluminum extrusion profiles (Kanya) from TEVEL, combined with polycarbonate transparant plates, to keep good sight at your test process. In close cooperation with you, we develop and build safe and userfriendly enclosing solutions for your test-environment.

We can also deliver robust tailormade benches for Universal testing systems.


Robust enclosure for your 3366 Instron Universal Testing system

The enclosure fits directly upon your 3366 Instron Universal Testing system. The door can be equipped with a safety lock, connected to the Instron control system. In this way the system will be automatically shut off when opening the door.

The enclosure shown here is made for VDL Kunststoffen in Nederweert; QA Manager Roel Noorhoek was very pleased with this enclosure.


Flexible, movable enclosures

This enclosure, mounted on wheels, can be placed directly in front or around your Universal Testing system.


Improve safety on existing Testing systems

We can also improve your testing system, by adding enclosures around them. On demand, we can also add safety doorlocks to the control system, to stop automatically when opening a door.

Robust tailor made consoles for your Universal Testing systems

We can equip your Universal Testing systems with robust consoles in any desired dimension in length, width and height.

It is also possible to combine a console with an enclosure. In this way the Universal testing system can be placed in a safe enclosure on any desired height.


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