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Yarn Twister

With the Yarn twister it is possible to twist wire /yarn longitudinally. This prepares the thread/yarn quickly and reproducibly for tensile tests.

The yarn is held in the tooling using a clamping mechanism. The tooling is mounted on an electric motor, which is set via a touch panel.
The user can set the number of revolutions, or have them calculated automatically based on the length of the wire.
Then the device is started and the yarn is twisted.
The yarn must be held at one end by the user, or secured.
After each cycle, the tooling always stops with the clamping block facing up, so that it is easy to operate.

Clamp Tooling
The Yarn twister is equipped with a Tooling clamp. This clamps the thread/yarn slip-free. Clamping block is manually (against spring pressure) moved backwards, so that wire can be inserted freely. Clamp-Tooling is ergonomically developed so that this can be done with one hand, and the other hand is free to insert the wire.

Technical information
Power supply 230V (1 phase); equipped with cable + plug
Max speed 240rpm
Length  410mm
Width 370mm
Height  210mm

Control / Touchpanel
Control is possible via touchpanel

  • Selection manual twisting or automatic twisting.
  • Enter number of revolutions / twists.
  • Entering length of wire + number of twists per mm; so that the number of revolutions is automatically calculated.
  • Set speed (in rpm)
  • Set ‘zero’ point; this allows the Tooling clamp to be set to the desired position (e.g. vertically).


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