R.R. Moore Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System

The R.R. Moore Fatigue Testing System tests specimens by rotation (tension and compression).
This system is designed for destructive and non- destructive testing of beams according to NEN-ISO 1352:2011

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R.R. Moore Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System
The R.R. Moore Fatigue Testing Systems’ design is based on the rotating beam principle. The specimen functions as a simple beam symmetrically loaded at two points. When rotated one half revolu- tion, the stresses in the material originally below the neutral axis are reversed from tension to compression and vice versa. Upon completing the revolution, the stresses are again reversed so that during one revolution the test specimen passes through a com- plete cycle of flexural stress (tension and compression).

Specimen loading
The R.R. Moore Fatigue Testing System can be equipped to test either straight shank of tapered-end specimens. The standard specimen length is appr. 90 mm. Specimens 25 mm longer or 25 mm shorter can be tested without affecting the calibration of the system.

Straight shank specimens are held in place using precision speci- men collets. Tapered-end specimens are machined to match the tapers within the spindles of the system and held in place using threaded bolts.

Stress is applied to the specimen by direct application of dead- weights to ensure precise loading.

Controller including cycle counter
Integrated variable speed control provides the R.R. Moore Fatigue Testing Systems’ capability to operate at speeds from 500 RPM to 10.000 RPM. Speed control is important in testing certain materials that heat up when highly stressed, and it allows certain correla- tions of results between high speed tests and lower speed test.

Controller is provided with a touchpanel display showing:

  • Cycle counter up to 99mil counts.
  • Set speed, and actual speed.

Data will be stored during test and after completion of test.


Bending moment capacity 2,5 Nm to 25 Nm
Capacity increments 0,0254 Nm
Rotational speed 500 RPM to 10.000 RPM
Load weight set 5 kg (7x)
2 kg (2x)
1 kg (1x)
0,5 kg (1x)
0,2 kg (1x)
0,1 kg (2x)
0,05 kg (2x)
Min effective Load Weight 5 kg
Machine Weight 40 kg
Power requirement 230V – 1 ph / 50Hz


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